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Dave > Personal Trainer with Focus Strength, Weight Loss, Functional Training & Mobility

Hi my name is Dave, I am a NASM certified personal trainer. After working as a quality assurance for several years, I decided to follow my dreams and turn my passion for fitness into my career. My career change has given me new energy and I am thrilled that now I am able to share my passion for fitness with my clients. There is nothing I love more than helping my clients see their dreams become reality.

I specialize in strength training, weight loss and mobility programs.

Education: NASM Personal Trainer Certification, EREPs Personal Trainer Registration, PCA Personal Trainer

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Taylor > Personal Trainer with Focus Athletic, Functional Fitness and Corporate Wellness

Taylor began her career as a fitness professional as a bootcamp instructor at 18 years old. She played competitive junior tennis at national tournaments, and wanted to continue training at a high level. Shortly after starting to teach group exercise, she also earned her personal training and tennis coaching certifications. Taylor has eight years of experience as an American Council on Exercise certified group fitness instructor, five years of experience as a personal trainer and tennis coach, and another two years of experience as a health coach teaching clients how to implement healthy lifestyle changes.

As a former competitive and current recreational athlete, Taylor specializes in agility, balance, and injury prevention for her clients, who range from active marathon participants to busy moms to those overcoming sports injuries. She is passionate about functional movement training using the TRX and bodyweight exercises. Taylor is also a certified barre instructor and likes to incorporate elements of pilates, yoga, and barre into training sessions. Taylor also enjoys working with companies to develop and teach fitness programs that benefit employees and is currently completing her masters with a research focus on Corporate Wellness.

Fitness Specific Qualifications & Experience: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Health Coach, Mad Dog Spinning Instructor, TRX Certified Coach, Bender Barre and Dailey Method Certified Instructor, Les Mills BodyPump Instructor, Professional Tennis Registry Instructor, Sky Zone Trampoline Fitness Instructor

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Jim > Personal Trainer with Focus Athletic, Flexibility, Definition, Functional & Movement Training

If there’s one thing that Jim doesn’t like, it’s sitting still. Growing up in Nijmegen, he first discovered his desire to move his body when he started practicing capoeira at the age of ten. Since then, he has never stopped moving and was introduced to Movement during his bachelor’s, at the ALO becoming a personal trainer supporting clients in Amsterdam.

Additionally Jim has gained knowledge and skills in many different places and has attended numerous workshops. Including intensive training of one of the 26 mentorship students of Ido Portal in Mexico. Since 2019, he has followed and received personal guidance online from grandmaster Ido Portal In addition to this training, Jim is also a certified Wim Hof instructor. Jim’s clients describe him as enthusiastic, humorous, and goal-oriented. Jim allows and encourages everyone to develop at their own pace and level in a fun and comfortable way.

Fitness Specific Qualifications & Experience: AALO Bachelor in Personal Training, Wim Hof Academy, Monkey Movements, Movment Training Expert & Capoeira Elements

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Sahari > Personal Trainer with Focus Athletic, Health and Life Balance

I am Sarahi, certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer. From a very early age, I started in the world of sports, athletics, 100 and 200-meter sprint, which brought me much discipline and technique. Sports and movement are my greatest passion. It seems great to me to have the opportunity to do my passion as my work. I am very motivated and excited to help customers from the right technique to achieve and inspire their goals and help create lasting transformation in their lifestyle. I am a social person, give attention and listen well. I am positive in nature, have a lot of energy, I’m friendly and patient.

In my view, health is a way of life. As a trainer, I want professionally to make my clients aware of a healthier lifestyle. I will train, educate, motivate and inspire them to achieve their goals in small and achievable steps. In addition, fun and result-oriented work are always central during training. I will like to make people in general aware of movement. I will give the best of myself and get the best out of my clients. My goal is to get as many people as possible, whether individual or group.

Quality of life begins with healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and the right mindset. This improves the physical and mental condition, with all the positive consequences thereof.

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Ricardo > Personal Trainer with Focus Strength, Athletic, Functionality, Weight Loss, Performance Coaching

“I work with highly commited people, who choose for powerful results, in their personal and professional lives.“ I help people to get what they want. I help people to get rid of what they don’t want. I help people to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.

Fitness Specific Qualifications & Experience: Knk certified fitness trainer, AALO opleidingen, Personal Trainer, Sport and Exercise, Performance Coaching- Innerstance

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