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Many training variants have developed in recent years, which complement the classic strength training on machines, short and long dumbbells and cables holistically. Never before has athletics, muscle building, shaping and endurance training been at such a high level as today.  Many Fitness apps have been created and the know-how of the trainers about effective training is becoming more and more sound.

  • Strength / Weight Training

  • Athletic Fitness

  • Improvement Performance

  • Professional Athlete Coaching

  • Six Pack / Core Stability

Methods and Results

Classic goals of our clients are moderate muscle building with a combination of abdominal / lower back training, definition and flexibility. Our customers usually do not only focus on the classic „body building“ but think more about functional processes, variety in connection with an improvement in mobility and endurance. For competitive athletes, we also have the right coaches in the team, who have already stood on the podium at the Olympics or train football teams.

Muscle / Strength Improvement
Core Stablility
Nutrition Counseling
High Endurance Level