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Alex > Personal Trainer Hamburg with focus strength, body weight, functional training, health, cardio fitness, weight reduction & definition

Fitness and health have always been my passion in life. My name is Alex, I was born in Romania and then grew up in Madrid for 12 years before moving to Germany. I have been a performance-oriented athlete since I was 8 and when I was 16 it was clear to me that my dream would be to work in the fitness and health industry. I have been training my personal training customers in Germany since 2016 and also work as a paramedic on the side. Fitness coaching and health issues are a BIG inspiration for me in my life.

Sport, exercise and healthy eating have been central themes in my life since I was a young boy. I am very happy that today I can encourage my customers and friends in my environment to adopt a more conscious and sporty way of life. My goals as a personal trainer and coach are above all to accompany people on their way and to pass on my knowledge, team spirit, cohesion, permanently implementing goals, achieving top performance, giving impulses for life changes in sporting and private life and thereby creating a positive attitude towards life.

Education: Fitness B Trainer License, Personal Trainer License, Nutrition Advice

Locations: Personal Trainer Hamburg, Harvestehude, Hafen-City Blankenese, Altona, Winterhude, Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Neustadt, Hamburg Nord, Barmbek, Rotherbaum & Eppendorf

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Romanian

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Hischam > Personal Trainer Hamburg, boxing, kettlebell, functional, medical training, Ginastica Naturel, nutritional advice

Martial arts and dancing have developed my fascination for sport and people. My main focus is on 3D training. For this I mainly use boxing, kettlebell and Genastica Naturel (includes elements from Brazil Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, African Dance, Capoeira, Animal Movement, Mobility, Breathing exercises). With this combination, every fitness goal can be achieved in a variety of ways, because sport should be fun. In addition, I am happy to provide advice and assistance to support a long-term and sustainable change in diet. Again, it should be fun. We can reach your destination in different languages: German, English, French, Arabic

My qualifications: Licenses: Trainer A license (includes, Medical Trainer and Personal Trainer), Functional Trainer License, Nutritionist License, Kettlebell Trainer License, Afro-Latino Dance Teacher, Zumba License Sports: Kickboxing, Savate, Muy Thai, Brazil Jiu Jitsu, boxing , Afro dance, salsa, meringue Locations: entire Altona district (from Rissen, via Blankenese to Sternschanze and from Othmarschen to Lurup), Eimsbüttel district (completely from Schnelsen to Rotherbaum), Eppendorf and Hoheluft Ost Favorite locations: Jenisch Park and Volkspark

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Kristina > Yoga & Balance Coach, meditation, relaxation & breathing exercises (Pranayama)

During my teaching profession studies, I started practicing yoga to compensate for the stressful times. Overwhelmed by the effect of yoga on me and the desire to immerse myself even deeper in yoga practice, I traveled to India several times between 2013 and 2017 and attended various yoga schools and teacher academies.

I have always been passionate about exploring the interrelationships of body, mind and psyche and I remember the incredible WOW moment when I discovered the teachings of Ayurveda for me. I knew, „Yoga and Ayurveda – that’s it! That’s my way! „There was no turning back.

If your heart’s desire is to make you feel fitter, more vital, more powerful, more agile, and more flexible, I’ll show you how to strengthen your body by doing the right asanas (physical exercises) and walking through life with more ease. Whether you have never done yoga or are already an experienced yogi, we will design the yoga sessions according to your individual needs and physical goals. Do you sometimes feel stressed and it is difficult for you to relax and let go, so we learn together relaxation techniques that bring your mind to rest and provide you with new strength.

Through various meditation and breathing techniques, not only does our mind become calmer, we also achieve emotional stability, mindfulness and patience, concentration and mental flexibility, better sleep and a strengthened immune system.

„Do not be afraid to shine, the world needs your light!“

So .. Let’s shine together!

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