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Felix > Personal Trainer with focus on muscle building, fat reduction, prevention & rehabilitation, spine gymnastics

As a personal trainer, I put together a training and nutrition program tailored to your needs and guide you through it. No matter if you want to optimize your look or positively influence your health. Together we will achieve your personal goal with the help of scientifically sound training methods, fun and motivation.

Education: Licensed Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer A License, Functional Trainer A-License, Trainer for Spinal Gymnastics.

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Mònica > Personal trainer with focus weight reduction, muscle building, prevention & rehabilitation, definition, CORE, functional training, pelvic floor, Pilates, mobility & stretching

Are you satisfied and happy with your lifestyle? Do you want to feel better with your body, look better and have more energy? Through my studies in sports science, many additional training courses and many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and fitness, I would like to help you achieve your personal goals with me.

I also have a lot of experience with clients who have medical issues such as herniated discs, hip teps, osteoarthritis of the knee, etc.

I have already helped many customers to achieve their goals, e.g. how to get stronger or lose weight. I have also helped ambitious athletes to optimize their speed and performance. It is very important to me that my customers get a better body feeling, develop an understanding of the exercise processes, move better and complete effective programs. During the training I like to motivate, correct and pay attention to the posture. Correct execution and, of course, having fun while training are particularly important to me. When do we start together?

Qualifications: Bachelor in Sports Science (Fitness & Health), Medical Sports Therapist, Low Pressure Fitness Training License, TRX Trainer and Pilates License.

Personal Trainer in Mitte, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain

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Martin > Running Coach, Triathlon & Marathon preparation

Hi, I’m Martin – certified triathlon coach and athlete myself, father and husband, yoga fanatic and globetrotter. For the first 10 years of my professional life I worked as a management consultant and in various functions in the automotive industry. As a venture developer at Audi Denkwerkstatt, I have coached dozens of executives in the application of start-up methods in everyday corporate life. I now use this and other coaching experiences from the business world to support my athletes to achieve their individual goals. I am a trainer with heart and soul and know the situation of my supervised athletes very well from numerous starts over short, medium and long distances.

I really enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with others, challenging and encouraging them and seeing them get better and better as a result. At first I only prepared my friends for their first half marathon, triathlon or something similar. With the certification as a triathlon trainer at the Academy of Sports, I have raised my sports science expertise to a professional level and continue to devour all specialist literature, podcasts, etc. on the topics of running and triathlon. As you know, you never stop learning 🙂

Are you trying to balance a 40+ hour work week, family life and demanding sport? I know exactly how you feel because I lead such a turbulent life myself. My offer is aimed at ambitious hobby athletes who appreciate structured training and want to surpass themselves despite limited time budgets. Let’s get started together – you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of!

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Eva > Athletics / strength / health training / definition and weight loss / functional training / mobility and endurance training / nutrition and mental training

 „Enthusiasm is the spirited impulse that allows us to persistently pursue our goal.“ You can’t get excited about your goals on your own? Then let me awaken your enthusiasm in you. For me, enthusiasm, motivation and your „inner fire“ come first. Through goal-oriented and varied workouts, I will help you to find your style and achieve all your goals.

Motivating yourself to get out of your comfort zone and stoke your fire. Due to my numerous training courses and many years of experience, I have a very extensive portfolio and a lot of motivation to accompany you in the training and to realize your individual goals. My experiences range from athletic, strength, health training, functional strength training, mobility and endurance training to nutritional and mental training.

Effective training and appropriate planning are the key points for me. My focus is on hard work, discipline, patience and a willingness to learn. I look forward to being able to inspire you as a private coach and make your goal my task. In this sense: „Stop dreaming, start doing.“

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Chris > Personal Training, Cross Fit, Athletic Fitness

Become the best YOU. I’m here to help you get stronger, fitter, and healthier. You will also learn to move better again and get a new understanding of your body, which will have a positive effect on all aspects of your life. My path as a personal trainer started in 2010 in a very chic gym. Since then, a lot has changed in my view of exercise and training. My training became more varied, shaped by great teachers and trainers and continues to develop to this day. I move better today than ever before, with more understanding of my body. Learning and growing every day fills me with great gratitude and satisfaction. My training consists of weightlifting, gymnastics, training with your own body weight, elements from yoga, dance, movement in general and relaxation. The focus is on effective training sessions, hard work, discipline, patience and willingness to learn.

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Yureimi > Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Life Balance, Dance, Rhythmic Moves

I have always been a sports enthusiast and had great interest in movement arts, such as dancing. For years I have been able to gain a lot of experience in working with and on the body. After my training as a professional dancer, modern dance style, ballet, and excursion into African dances, I made my passion a profession and taught children and teenagers in various dance schools in Venezuela. 

In the subsequent study at the sports faculty of the University of Havana, (Cuba), I focused intensively on sports science, with a focus on rhythmic gymnastics and was able to deepen my experience with Latin American dances. In Germany, I got the opportunity to receive a scholarship and complete my masters in sports science with a focus on rehabilitation and prevention. I give personal training and group classes, my focus is on creative exercises, meditation, yoga, pilates and relaxation techniques.

Background: Master Degree Program Sports Medicine, Focus Rehabilitation and Prevention, Yoga Education, Dance Teacher Academy Modern Dance with Focus Ballet, Latin American & African Dances, Relaxation Coach

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Leila > Int. Personal Trainer with focus Toning and Shaping, Weight loss, Muscle development, Core Stability, Stamina, Endurance and Nutrition

Regular physical activity can improve your body, memory and brain function, your quality of sleep, reduce feeling of anxiety and depression, protect you against many chronic diseases, help in weight management and muscle strength. 

I care deeply about my clients, and there is nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident and strong. I realize having body issues affects many aspects of your life and I want to be there for you and help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me become the person I am today. I am here to be your personal guide on every step of your journey. 

Throughout the course of my career, I have perfected my exercise demonstration and meal planning abilities. I am right there for my clients reach their goals and beyond. 

Professional background: I am highly motivated and progress-focused personal trainer and a group class instructor with using different technics and tools like Free weights, TRX, kickboxing, Resistant bands, GYM machines, EMS technology, for Adults and Kids with a long-standing background. 

Certifications: Personal Trainer, TRX & Kettlebells Instructor, EMS Trainer

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Rebecca > Personal Training with Fokus Pilates, Dance Elements, Flexibility

Rebecca began her professional career as a dancer in New York City. She studied Classical Ballet and moved on to broaden her styles in Contemporary and Latin dance companies and Broadway Productions. In 1999, Rebecca moved to Germany to tour with a dance company based in Freiburg and Cologne, Germany. There, she worked as a dancer and assistant until 2006. Alternative movement forms such as Alexander technique, Gyrokinesis, Pilates and Yoga were taught to the dancers in order to build strength and stability, relieve extra tensions and prevent injury. Rebecca found an immediate, deep mind-body connection to Pilates and went on to become a certified Pilates Instructor with The Pilates Standard (Hamburg). She is now based in Berlin and teaches Pilates, Ballet/movement for beginners and professionals in various studios in Berlin. She also has a small studio in her home in Kreuzberg for Personal Training.

“I have been dancing and moving my body since I was able to walk. As a personal trainer, my goal with every client is to share my absolute joy of movement. Through Pilates, dance, and gyrotonics and stretching, we can explore together in a creative way the journey of mind-body awareness, to achieve step by step individual goals, feeling every time, a bit better about oneself.”

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Andonis > Personal Training, Body Therapy, Football, Healthy Back, Six Pack

The human body has always fascinated me. The better you know him, the better you can work with him. The more you take care of him, the more he gives you back. Good physique sets the course for a strong psyche. An ancient Greek wisdom states: „Only in a healthy body can a healthy mind develop“.

After more than ten years of experience as a fitness and personal trainer, I can say that it does not matter to me whether I’m looking after a competitive athlete, an injured person or a beginner in the gym. When people become fitter, no longer complain of pain and thus achieve their personal goals, the measure of satisfaction is full. Every human being defines what kind of goals matter. It motivates me especially if I pass on my theoretical knowledge as well as personal experiences and thus can support other people to better quality of life and new successes.

Education: Studied sports science, specializing in sports medicine. Personal Training in competitive sports. Training therapy for back problems and after knee surgery. Nutritional Advice and Weight Control.

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Nicola > Yoga teacher for Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga with focus on flexibility, shaping, posture, weight loss, fascial training, body awareness and mental health

In my point of view, yoga means, in addition to practicing the asanas, getting to know yourself better and understanding the language of your own body. Due to the search for inner peace combined with the desire to profoundly understand the practical applications and theoretical background of yoga and to be able to teach it professionally, I decided after nine years of intense yoga experience to travel to India and accomplish a yoga teacher training for Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Since then, it has been a lot of fun to train with my clients in individual personal training sessions and group courses. As every person has their own individual wishes, characteristics and physical predispositions, I prepare every training session based on your personal needs and goals. My main focus is the physically optimal posture  of yoga asanas, conscious breathing, body awareness and mental strength. 

For me it is important to explain the basics of every individual exercise and to give the person space for himself so that my client can understand the perception of the physical processes and relax mentally. The training varies depending on which needs you want to put in the foreground. While Hatha Yoga, as a rather slow yoga style, actively contributes to rest, relaxation and concentration, Ashtanga Vinyasa is a flowing style that leads to higher calorie consumption through dynamic movement sequences and focuses more intensely on physical fitness. Both yoga styles support stress relief, strengthen the deep muscles and lead in their own way to a conscious use of the mind. In addition to the yoga training, I also offer fascial exercises with the blackroll and the fascia ball. The focus on stretching and strengthening of our connective tissue provides more mobility, tightening, the reduction of stress and improves the sensomotoric functions in our body.

Professional background: Yoga training, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa (standard after certification by Yoga Alliance), Certified fascia trainer (AHAB Akademie Berlin), B.A. International business communication with a focus on body language

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Philipp >Personal Trainer with focus on healthy back, core stability, health, muscle building and functional training

You do not know which exercises are the best to reach your goals most effectively? With my knowledge of numerous training, how the body functions as a unit, the experience as a sports therapist and personal trainer, we focus on your wishful thinking and key issues, balance out dysbalances and strengthen your muscles. This will help you improve back pain, build a stable trunk, gain strength and develop a healthy functionality of your body.

I am convinced that with the right training everyone can improve. Train with me in personal training and we will tackle your personal goals to build your healthy and powerful body with sound training methods.

Education: Master in Sports Science (focus on prevention & rehabilitation), Medical Training Therapist & Sports Therapist, Back Trainer, licensed Functional Trainer

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