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With my help, you will feel more relaxed and younger, that`s my promise to you. The most valuable asset of man is his health. As physiotherapy masseur, BodyArt instructor and Yoga and Pilates instructor, I have made it my mission to help people in a pain-free life and thus feel younger and fitter. Here, I agree to your individual needs and desires and work closely with you to achieve the goals set. As a personal trainer I accompany you on your way to a healthy body in the long term.

The training involves mostly a combination of many different training modules, such as: Functional Training is aiming to build strength for sport-specific and practice-oriented movements and stretch not just individual muscles to strengthen, or to stabilize. The focus areas will include force component to other variables such as economy of movement, stability, mobility, and balance in predominantly dynamic movements. Myofasciae training is specifically tailored to the connective tissue, joint and organ capsule, ligaments and tendons training.

Additional Breathing Techniques: Proper breathing technique and control of respiratory muscles through targeted respiratory muscle training allow entkrampftes breathing and more fluid energies that will come to you with all sports benefit and enable an increase in output. The training methods above are just a part of many types of training and ways in which I work. Many factors play a role, and depending on requirements and individual goals, I will prepare a training plan, which is based exactly on your specific needs and opportunities.

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