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Daniel > Personal Trainer with focus on Strength, Bodyweight, Yoga, Functional Training, Nutritional Counseling, Metabolic Analysis, Performance Diagnostics and Weight Loss Programs

Movement is life, standstill makes us lethargic. Even if we rest externally, innumerable processes take place in our interior at the same time. We ourselves have the power to influence our phenotype, the external and internal appearance, as we wish. Sport, a balanced diet and the right mindset will help you stay healthy, strong and just feel good. I support you in achieving your goal. My training adapts to your needs and consists of the areas of fitness, functional training, classical strength training, yoga, bodyweight, martial arts and coordination and endurance training. I was able to gain a lot of personal experience in all areas and practice my own training from this mixture. Muscle and strength training are the most exciting categories for me to stay healthy. As a nutritionist, it is my pleasure to look after, inspire and advise you on the topic of nutrition. Diet is an individual thing and should be adapted to your life. We can initially analyze your metabolism via the air we breathe, thus determining the current status. So it is possible to find out why you may not have lost weight yet and what we can optimize in your diet. The purpose of this analysis is also to determine the fitness level as an index, so that the progress of the personal training in addition to the „Well Feeling“ also become visible as a result. In addition, we also find out the pulse areas where you can burn the most fat and train your stamina optimally. I look forward to being able to accompany you as a private coach and thereby make your goal to my task. In this sense: Stay strong- live long! Education: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Certified Sports Instructor (Bundessportakademie), Yoga Teacher (200h), Sports Nutrition Consultant (VEÖ & IMSB), Certified Functional Trainer

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Jana > Pilates trainer and wellness coach with focus on pelvic floor training, pre- & postnatal Pilates training, mental and spiritual well-being

Holistic well-being – that’s what we want, that’s what we need! Now more than ever! Pilates does exactly that, not only looking at the human being and the body in its physical component, but also in its mental one.

I would like to convey balance, mental strength and a good body feeling with my Pilates classes – whether as a classic and intensive mat unit for the deep muscles or as an energizing Pilates High Intensity Interval Training – wherever you are. Due to my pregnancy and the birth of our son, I have increasingly devoted myself to female health in the last two years and give great importance to effective pelvic floor training as well as pre- and postnatal Pilates training.

In order to be able to accompany progress and change on a personal and human level, I have dedicated my life to sport and holistic health. I round off my holistic approach as a wellness and health coach by accompanying people not only on the mat, but also in other phases characterized by less balance. With my motivating and precise way, I want to pass on my passion for Pilates, health, physical and mental well-being. I look forward to our common path, because your success is my success!

Education: BASI Pilates Mat Teacher Training, BASI Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Course, IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach

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Roland > Personal Training, Focus Athletic, Strength, Condition

Sport and exercise have always been my life. In beautiful Carinthia, grown up in the countryside, I got to know all kinds of sports and other activities early in my childhood. Whether football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, athletics, I had learned many disciplines. The hobby of athletics then became my passion and my profession – a 10th place at the Olympic Games and a bronze medal at European Championships were my greatest successes. Due to my many years of experience in sports and my numerous training in the fitness area, one of the most important things for me is the „fun of health“! My experience goes from athletics / strength / health training, functional strength training on jump, agility and endurance training to nutritional and mental training. Individual training and appropriate planning are for me key points and the best way to achieve your goals. Offer: Personal training, athletic training, outdoor training, jump and agility training, endurance training including running ABC, functional strenght (TRX, kettlebell, sandbag, wildrope, …), complex core training, mental and nutrition training. Training: Fitness teacher, personal trainer, health and rehabilitation trainer, athletics trainer, football coach, complex core, kinesiology, and many more

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Natalie> Personal Fitness Coach with focus on Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Life Balance

As a former dancer I was able to integrate yoga into my training program very early. The stretching and the simultaneous strengthening of muscle groups, which are often used in everyday life too little or wrong, the rebalancing of the body to its balance and the meditative aspect have me very excited. Yoga accompanies the mind to rest.

In 2012, I completed my basic yoga teacher training (200 hours, Yoga Alliance, exam in Florence), since then I teach at selected yoga studios in Vienna. In 2013-2014 I spent 6 months in the US and supplemented my training with YogaWorks in Los Angeles with 300 hours of „Teacher Training“ and an additional qualification in Vinyasa Flow. This yoga style emphasizes Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga and the correct execution of the asanas / postures to keep the body as healthy as possible. In 2014, a Pilates education at YogaWorks in Los Angeles added to my portfolio. The strengthening of the body center through Pilates (especially abdominal and back muscles) is a perfect complement to yoga and important to keep his back healthy. Since February 2014 I give private lessons, personal training and yoga classes for employees in companies. In the „Yoga Magazine“ ORF Sport Plus I could turn the category „Yoga Technique“ with me. I am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Yoga and Pilates, also gladly via Online Coaching.

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