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„My name is Francesca, I was born 1983 in Venice. In 2008 I graduated in Artistic and Performing Techniques. I traveled a lot in my life, after graduation I decided to to go to India and it was there that I fell in love with Yoga and learned a lot about this discipline: I started to practice every day. From that time I went back to India twice more and I want to go back again to visit the rest of the country. In 2015 I moved to Barcelona, attended many retreats and started teaching.
During the following years I continued studying with various teachers. Last year I returned to live in Venice where I attended a special teacher training. I’m giving 1:1 private, online  & group sessions. I love my job because Yoga has helped me a lot and changed my life in a very positive direction; I’m grateful to be able to help other people through this wonderful discipline „
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